We are the only good bacteria company!

We are the Only Good bacteria company, Animal Probiotics AB, a Swedish animal health company rooted in scientific probiotic research at Lund University.

Our mission is to create science-backed probiotic products that really work and are “Only Good”, so that both your animal, but also You, can live a long and healthy life. Hence, we promise to invest back into our probiotic research, so that we both now and in the future can offer the very best animal probiotics on the market.

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Ph.D Clas Lönner
Founder Animal Probiotics AB, researcher in applied Microbiology & Probiotics

Ph.D. Clas Lönner is a visionary Swedish microbiology and probiotics scientist who wants to change the way we understand the cause of illnesses and the root of sustainable health, by helping us understand that daily use of the Right probiotics can do wonders for our health – from the inside and out!

His understanding comes from the research that led to the first Swedish probiotic functional food: ProViva®, which functionality and success was based on the identification of the right probiotic strain from a healthy human.

With Animal Probiotics AB, Ph.D Lönner has applied the same principle for our beloved animal’s health, as he did for humans, and through the company is able to share his expert knowledge of Good gut bacteria to support our animals health and wellbeing.

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MSc VetMed. Marie Ålund
Private practitioner – Companion Animals & Equine

Meet our MSc VetMed. Marie Ålund, who has spent almost 20 years working in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry for Ceva Animal Health AB. In addition to being a part of the team behind Animal Probiotics AB, she is currently running her own veterinary practice.

Her interest of the importance of the intestinal flora for animal health was sparked in 2014, when she crossed paths with Ph.D Lönner during a horse probiotics convention. His expert knowledge within the area of animal probiotics enlightened her understanding of the complexity of probiotics within animal health. She realised the great need of science-backed expertise and species-specific bacteria research. In 2017, she joined forces with Ph.D Lönner and ProEquo AB (today Animal Probiotics) in his mission of bringing species-specific gut bacteria to our animals that is Only Good for the specific animal.

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Our History

Let’s walk down memory lane!

Animal Probiotics Sweden AB (formerly ProEquo AB®) was founded in 2004 when Ph.D Lönner took over the full collection of probiotic bacteria strains and probiotics research intended for animals from Probi AB i.e. the human probiotics company behind the succesful probiotic health drink Proviva®. This enabled the beginning of our journey toward improving animal health and the result is our ‘OnlyGood-daily animal probiotics’ product-line. Thanks to our science, we are able to offer probiotic products for animals with over a one-year shelf-life, due to our vacuum and portion-packed sachets that enables the probiotic bacteria to survive in room temperature.

The company Probi AB springs from a reasearch project at Lund University, 1991, where our Ph.D Lönner was one of the researchers, and stands behind the successful human health drink ProViva® and supplements such as; Probi stomach®, Probi iron® and Probi healthy®. Soon after the launch of ProViva® Probi invested in a feed project, which gave birth our ProEquo® product (today OnlyGoodHorse).


Do you love animals and probiotics just as much as we do, and want to discuss animal probiotics with Ph.D Lönner? Or, have questions to our very own MSc VetMed Ålund about your animals well-being? Write us at: info@animalprobiotics.com


Press & Media

Media or Press inquires? Contact Carolina Gahn, our PR-manager, and see our press-kit below for more information and high resolution images!

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